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Data protection 

In ProBroWear we are committed to your privacy online. To achieve our agoal to offer goods and services of the highest quality, we use information from activities with you and other customers and third parties. Because we respect your privacy, we use procedures to ensure that your personal data is handled responsibly. We share your personal data only according to the swiss law on the protection of personal data and other applicable laws. We will publish these data protection scheme on our website to inform you what data we record, the purpose of the collection and use of the information that we handle, with whom they can be shared and which possibilities you have regarding the use of your information. You can at any time contact us if you have any questions or concerns about data protection and access to personal data supplied to us or the correction of the request. Our contact details can be found under Contact. This privacy policy applies to the website www.probrowear.com  and their owners or operator ProBro AG. The company is a multinational company with legal entities, business processes, management structures, and technical systems that operate across borders. Through the use of www.probrowear.com or by registering on the website you entrust your personal data to the ProBroWear and ProBroAG (the parent company of ProBroWear) and give us your consent to process your personal data in accordance with the provisions of this Privacy Policy.



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Security and registration scheme

No data transmission over the Internet and no data storage on the Internet can be 100% safe. We are therefore committed to protecting your personal data against unauthorized access and publication, but it does not warrant or guarantee the absolute safety of any personal information that you provide to, from or via our website. We will inform you if we have a security breach in which your personal data is affected, and which is stored by us. By communicating your E-mail address to us, you give your express consent to receive electronic communications from us in the event of any such security breach. If you believe that your customer account or data provided to us is no longer secure, please notify us immediately by E-mail or call us. See more under Contact.



What personal data is collected PROBROWEAR?

Data transmitted by you to us: We receive and store any information you provide to us on our website or give us in any other form. You can decide not to indicate certain information but then may not have the advantages of many of our opportunities. By the mere use of our website or the registration, you grant us your consent to process your personal data in accordance with the provisions of this Privacy Policy. If you choose to create a customer account with us, Www.probrowear.com then captures, stores and uses data such as your name, e-mail address, billing or postal address, credit and/or debit card information, IP address and other contact information. You also have the option to specify some of the data, such as your gender, date of birth, your sports interests, shipping/billing address, phone number, size and some other information. If you place an order with us, we collect, store, and use your name, billing address, shipping address, payment information, IP address, email address and phone number. For more information about how your credit and debit cards information will be stored and used by www.probrowear.com, see Security and registration scheme. If you give us your e-mail address, and an item is not on stock, you give us your consent to process your personal data in accordance with the provisions of this Privacy Policy. We will notify you by email when new stock is present. If you make use of our contact customer service, we collect information from this contact to the extent that they specify the product and the contact history. Automatic Data: When you visit our website we receive and store certain types of information through automatic data collection tools, including cookies and pixel tags, Web beacons, embedded links and other common data collection tools. These tools collect certain standard information that your browser sends to our website, such as browser type and language, access time, IP address, user-agent string and the clickstream behavior (so called pages, click-throughs and other actions that you do in relation to our site). Further information on the use of Cookies and Pixel Tags can be found in our cookie control. Data from other sources: If you create a customer account or an order is placed on our website, we may acquire from reputable third party sources certain demographic information about you to make your purchase more personalized and to shape our communication with you and to improve our business as a whole. Sensitive personal data: ProBroWear does not collect sensitive personal data with regard to the religious or belief, ethnicity, political attitude, health and sex life or personal data in relation to trade union membership. All of the above data will be provided by you. We will use your personal data for the purposes described in the Privacy Policy. You have the right at any time to access application for rectification or copposition of the further processing of your personal data.



What happens with my personal data?

If you have placed an order, we will use your personal data for the purpose related to your order. For example, we inform you about the status of your delivery or your return. If you have given us personal data related to a purchase order, application, marketing of a product or service or due to any other purpose, we may contact you and send you messages that relate to the corresponding or similar purposes (we will potentially contact you in relation to similar products or to inform you that the new product is available, or if an item is not in stock). We can contact you to get feedback after the order or advertising of a product or service. In any case you can at any time without delay and free of charge log out all these messages by clicking on a link in the corresponding E-mail message. For Further details see How do I unsubscribe from E-mail communication by ProBroWear? With your express consent we will contact you if necessary via the provided contact information (including mail, e-mail, SMS, phone or any other electronic format) for marketing and advertising and public opinion research purposes of ProBroWear. If you contacted our customer service, we use your personal data to enable our employees to help you with your questions and can offer the service you need.



What happens when I register?

To speed up and simplify the online shopping register on www.probrowear.com. With your E-mail address and a password of your choice you can log in your customer account at any time for adding, deleting or modifying data. We recommend that visitors to create a customer account on our website. The benefits of a customer account are the order overview and fast access to shipping and payment information by means of a user name and password. If you are registered as an online customer, we may ask for additional information such as the popular sports. We are not involved in the acquisition of sensitive personal data and will not ask you to specify them.


If you use the buttons to share content and products with friends and family through social networks such as Twitter and Facebook , these social media companies may use a cookie on your computer. Please note that ProBroWear has no influence on shared content, products or the data transfer through social networks. For more information and your rights in relation to their data protection settings can be found in the Privacy policies of these social networks.

For more information:



How can I protect my personal data?

Your customer account and your personal data are protected by the password that you used to create your www.probrowear.com customer account. Treat this password and your login data always as confidential and don’t enter it to anyone. Make sure that you have up-to-date anti-virus software installed on the device with which you visit our site. Also remember to log out of your customer account and close your browser window when you have finished your visit. This will ensure that others do not have access to your customer account, especially if you are sharing a computer with others or a computer in a public place, for example in the library or in an internet cafe. If you use a public computer, we recommend that you close your browser at the end of your visit. Your data will be saved in our database. However, they are not accessible from this computer for others.




We use the information you provide you to us through our website and by communication with you only for the following purposes:

• Respond to your concerns and product questions
• to our direct marketing purposes
• Future customer-based shopping experience for you
• improvement of our web site
• communication with you
• Our Financial Accounting


Place an Order:
If you place an order with us, you have two options: either login as a "guest" or as a registered customer. If you are a registered customer, your personal data is stored in our system in order to provide you with easier future purchases on our website. You can also view your order summary. If you order from us as a guest, please note that until the end of your order no personal data from you is stored by us, except when it is reasonably necessary for our business processes to be documented or for a required publication. For more information about ordering options as a registered customer or guest see what happens when I register? We will send you an email confirmation after completing your order and as soon as your order has shipped. In addition we will send you a reminder if necessary by e-mail, if you have something in your shopping cart yet have left without adding it to your order. Finally we will send you an e-mail for you to optionally evaluate products purchased on the web site. If you don’t want to receive e-mail or other communications from us, you can find more information about to unsubscribe from our mailing list at How does ProBroWear  use my personal data for direct marketing?




Information, including but not limited to personal data were recorded with instruments under Which personal data are collected by ProBroWear?  To be mentioned, they will be stored on servers and used only for the following purposes: statistical analysis, improving of our website and the prevention or detection of fraud or abuse of our website. Credit and debit card information will be used only for payment processing and fraud prevention. Credit and debit card information will not be used for any other purposes and not longer than for the provision of the service required. We process your data in identifiable form no longer than for the mentioned purposes in this Privacy Policy.




For more interesting and useful design of our E-mail communication we receive, where appropriate, a confirmation when you open e-mails from www.probrowear.com, provided your computer supports this. We also compare our customer list with lists which we receive from other companies in order to avoid sending unnecessary messages to our customers. You can find further information in our cookie control. If you don’t want to receive e-mail or other communications from us, you can find more information about to unsubscribe from our mailing list at How does ProBroWear  use my personal data for direct marketing? And how can I unsubscribe from E-mail communication by ProBroWear?




Each registered customer has the choice whether to receive communications from us about our products and special events or promotions via E-Mail. You will receive promotional e-mails from us only if you have agreed as follows:

• By clicking on the field "Keep me informed of updates and promotions of ProBroWear" when entering your shipping and billing information in the context of an order or registration.

• or by clicking on "E-mail Updates" at the top of the Homepage of the site and after entering the E-mail address.

For more information see what happens with my personal data?




If you receive an e-mail from ProBroWear, you have the possibility to not receive e-mails from ProBroWear any longer. you can unsubscribe from our mailing list by clicking on the link 'unsubscribe' at the end of the E-Mail. If you unsubscribe, we will send you no more e-mails. However, please note that some sales promotions by e-mail planned far in advance. We thank you in advance for your patience with the processing of your request. If you unsubscribed from E-mails by us, please contact our customer service because of the ongoing use of your data for direct marketing purposes or by telephone at the number under contact. For more information about online marketing and its possibilities that this information is not used by our external service providers, see http:// www.networkadvertising.org.




Information about our customers is an important part of the business. ProBroWear treats personal data carefully and as confidential and does not sell its mailing list, e-mail addresses of the customer or other data relating to its customers. We share customer information only as described below.

1. External service providers: We commission other companies (including our affiliated companies) and individual persons to perform tasks for us. Examples are the execution of orders, delivery of mail, sending postal mail and e-mail, the removal of duplicates from customer lists, data analysis, marketing support (including online advertising), deployment of search results and links, processing of credit card payments and customer service. These external service providers have access to personal data of customers, for the implementation of its tasks, but this data will not be used for purposes other than the task that we have instructed them to perform. We call on these external service providers to implement and maintain  appropriate security measures to ensure the confidentiality, security and integrity of your personal data.

2. Merger, acquisition, sale/transfer of assets or the transfer of the business: if our company is acquired by another or merged with another, or our assets or business were sold to another company or transfer, your personal data will be transferred to this company as part of the transaction, and the company and its affiliated companies may share your personal data in the framework of this Privacy Policy.

3. Protection of ProBroWear and others: Except for the previously described purposes we at ProBroWear will not share your personal data without your consent with third parties, unless: (i) to answer properly authorised information requests from public authorities; (ii) in compliance with laws, regulations, summonses and judicial arrangements; (iii) Support for prevention of fraud or to enforce or protect the rights and property of ProBroWear or their affiliated companies; or (iv) to protect the personal safety of ProBroWear employees and third parties on the basis of plots of ProBroWear. This also means that we do not share any information of your customer account (except as described in this Privacy Policy below), to search engines, software, services or other systems that you see as a ProBroWear usera of advertising, news or other information without your explicit prior consent for such a transfer. You can reconsider at any time to and revoke this consent.



IS PROBROWEAR LINKED to the websites of third parties?

Our Website may contain links to certain third party websites. ProBroWear does not own, control and operate such linked websites and will not be liable for data-protection provisions or practices of these linked websites. Personal information that you provide to those third parties, or data recorded by these shall not be subject to the Privacy Policy of our website. Data protection rules and practices of these linked websites can vary from our privacy policy and practices. The access to and the use of these linked sites is solely at your own risk. We strongly recommend you to read the rules of data protection of these linked websites before communicating your personal data to these websites.



Can I access my personal data access and update it?

You are entitled to access your personal information. If you are a registered customer, you can make use of this right by visiting the area "My Account" on our website. This link allows you to view your personal data, update or delete certain information from our database. If you want to edit your personal data, but this is not possible by visiting the "My Account" section of our website, please visit www.probrowear.com and select Contact. If you are not a registered customer, however, due to the access to reserved for us personal data would like to take up contact with us, please visit www.probrowear.com and select Contact.




Right of objection: You have a right of objection if the processing of your personal data for the legitimate interests of ProBroWear or a third party is not required. You can click on this basis in connection with their corresponding personal circumstances at the following E-mail address Info@probro.org appeal:

Right of revocation: You can at any time request that we delete your personal data or the use of it to dispense contact with you. You can also at any time request the deletion of the created and activated customer account during the online registration. This concerns you may contact us by specifying which data is to be deleted by E-mail at: Info@probro.org please note that for the processing of a current order absolutely necessary data by you made deletions or requests will not be affected by it. But keep in mind that our personalized service is based on the provided personal data. If you wish to revoke the consent for the use of your personal data, it is no longer possible for us to offer you this personalized service.

Further information can be found under Contact.




You have the right to view the personal data we have about you, by written request to: Info@probro.org We strive to process all inquiries as quickly as possible. We charge 5 euros for the cover of our costs in providing this information for you. As soon as we receive your request, we will possibly request some additional information to ensure your identity, and send you information, and the processing fee of 5 Euro is to be paid. We will present to you as soon as possible an electronic file with all the information that we have about you, and in any case within 40 days after payment of the fee. Further information can be found under Contact.




We may update this Privacy Policy from time to time without prior notice to keep them up-to-date and to be compliant with the data protection legislation. The last revision to this control can be found at last page of the Privacy Policy. Changes to our system occur with the publication of the revised Privacy Policy on the Internet, available at wwww.probrowear.com. We recommend that you bookmark this page and to visit it regularly so that you work with the current version of the Privacy Policy. If you are a registered customer, we will notify you if necessary, of any changes to the Privacy Policy by E-mail and possibly  ask you to agree with the changes the next time you log in to your customer account on our website to (around by clicking on a field or a button).




ProBroWear takes data protection of children seriously. Our website is not directed at children. We do not intentionally collect personal data from children under the age of 16 on our site.




We appreciate your opinion very much. If you have any questions, comments or concerns regarding this privacy policy or about the handling of personal data relating to you, please visit www.probrowear.com and click contact or contact the following address, telephone number or e-mail address:

ProBro AG
Chamerstrasse 172
6300 Zug


E-Mail: Info@probro.org keyword: question about data protection regime


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01. June 2015